I create each piece of pottery on the potter’s wheel and complete all the steps of producing these pieces myself. I intentionally throw my pottery in smaller groups or series, and I embrace the aspect of slight variations among the handmade pieces.

Because it provides such a beautiful surface for accepting glaze colors, my choice of clay is smooth white stoneware. I high-fire my pieces in an electric kiln. My pottery is dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. I mix most of my own glazes to create my distinctive color combinations and rich glaze effects. All glazes are lead free and safe for food use. You can visit the Glazes page to see close-up images of the various glazes I’m currently using.

Ordering Your Pottery
When you find something you’d like to purchase, please visit the Ordering Information section. I can accept orders submitted via my online Order Form as well as phone and snail mail requests.

Care and Handling
My pottery is high-fired stoneware, and with proper care, it is durable enough to last a lifetime. Please read the Care and Handling information for care instructions. By following my recommendations, you should be able to enjoy your Purple Door Pottery for years to come!

About the Pictured Pottery
Please note that many images on these Gallery pages are representational of the pieces I create. When you order these pieces, yours will be very similar to the one pictured, but due to the nuances of creating handmade pottery, you should expect subtle variations.

However, some images (especially on the Stash page) show the exact piece being offered.  These one-of-a-kind pieces list an inventory number (for example, BL9-3) in its description.  Please include that inventory number in the space provided on the Order Form.

If you see a piece with a “Sold” banner across it and you really wanted that piece, don’t despair!  Please contact me. I will let you know if I have something like it, or I’ll happily create one for you.

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