I love making covered jars. Each one emerges with its own personality. They’re beautiful yet practical storage for stashing away every imaginable thing-- from buttons, loose change, jewelry, or paperclips to cotton balls, precious keepsakes, love notes… even your car keys!

Doesn't everyone need trays? Line up your perfume bottles on a large handmade tray, corral your jewelry in a medium-sized one, or arrange a few votive candles in a small one. Each tray is unique, with natural patterns such as leaves, spirals, paisleys, or flowers impressed into the tray's flat surface.

Covered Jars
Various sizes; see below or contact me for additional sizes and costs These photos show the exact pieces. Include inventory # when ordering.

covered jar
2” w x 3.5” h: $25
Inv. #: JXS-10
covered jar
4” w x 5” h: $35
Inv. #: JSM-9
covered jar
3.5” w x 4” h: $45
Inv. #: JSM-SC-9
covered jar
4” w x 4” h: $35
Inv. #: JSM-10
covered jar
4” w x 4” h: $35
Inv. #: JSM-7
covered jar
4” w x 6” h: $35
Inv. #: JSM-13
covered jar
5” w x 6.5” h: $55
Inv. #: JMD-SC-9
covered jar
5” w x 7” h: $45
Inv. #: JMD-10


These fun trays come in many sizes; my largest tray is typically 5" x 8"; I can make them larger if desired. The samples shown below display the six available patterns and their approximate sizes.

tray fishes
~3” x 7”
tray flowers
~3” x 5”
tray hearts and dots
Hearts & Dots
~4” x 6”
tray leaves
~3” x 5”
tray paisleys
~3” x 4”
tray spirals
~5” x 5”
XSmall (under 20 sq.”): $20; Small (up to 25 sq "): $25
Medium (up to 50 sq."): $32; Large (up to 72 sq."): $40