Enjoy serving meals on unique handmade dinnerware, admire a display of fruit in a large glossy bowl, or notice how that baked specialty tastes just a little bit better in a handmade ovenproof casserole!

Various sizes; see below or contact me for additional sizes and costs.

snack plates
Snack plate
5" w: $14; 6" w: $16
salad or dinner plate
Salad or dinner plate
8 w: $20; 10.5 w: $30

Chip and dip platter
Chip & dip platter
12 w: $60

platter 12 inches
Serving Platter
12 w: $45; 14 w: $75


Dip bowl
5 w x 1 h: $15
cereal bowls
Cereal bowl
6 w x 3 h: $20
pet bowl
Pet bowl
4.5 w x 2 h: $25; 6 w x 2.5 h: $35

Serving Bowls
Various sizes; see below or contact me for additional sizes and costs These photos show the exact pieces. Include inventory # when ordering.

serving bowl deep red and brown
Deep red & brown bowl
9 w x 3.5 h: $45
Inv. #: BL9-4
serving bowl deep lilac and brown
Deep lilac & brown bowl
9 w x 4.5 h: $55
Inv. #: BL9D-3
serving bowl scored 9 inch
Scored bowl
9 w x 3 h: $45
Inv. #: BL9-SC-9
serving bowl deep drippy green 10 inch
Deep blue-green bowl
10 w x 3.5 h: $65
Inv. #: BL10D-10

Sizes vary from 1.5 to 3 quarts

lidded casserole
Lidded casserole
1.5 qt: $70; 2 qt: $80;
2.5 qt: $85; 3 qt: $95

open casserole
Open casserole
1.5 qt: $40; 2 qt: $50;
2.5 qt: $55; 3 qt: $65

Batter Bowls
There are two sizes: 1 quart and 1.5 quart. A whisk is included with the bowl!

1 qt batter bowl
Batter bowl
1 qt: $38

1.5 qt batter bowl
Batter bowl
1.5 qt: $48

group batter bowls
For size comparison

Place Settings
Rather than ordering separately, order settings and get a little better deal! A three-piece plate setting includes a dinner plate, a salad plate, and a cereal bowl; the four-piece setting also includes a mug.

three piece plate setting
Three-piece setting
four piece place setting
Four-piece setting

Premium Plate Designs
If you are looking for a particularly unique and striking design for stoneware dinnerware, Purple Door Pottery offers custom edging for tableware. Please browse the images below to see the designs Im currently offering, then contact me if you are interested in learning more or placing an order.

Pricing: Depending on the plate size and chosen design, I add $5 to $10 per plate to create these premium pieces.

premium plate double scores
Double Scores
premium plate dragon scales
Dragon Scales
premium plate pierced scrolled edge
Pierced Scrolled Edge
premium plate rustic spirals
Rustic Spirals
premium plate stamped hexagon
Stamped Hexagon
premium plate stamped spirals
Stamped Spirals
premium plate pinched octagon
Pinched Octagon
premium plate sample set
Sample Set: Pinched Octagon