Drinking your coffee, tea, beer, or other beverages from special handmade pottery makes a simple act so much more enjoyable!

Coffee Mugs
(~3.5 w x 4 w)

coffee mug vertical scores style
Vertical scores
coffee mug swirl style
Swirl style
coffee mug criss cross style
Criss-cross style
coffee mug squiggle style
Squiggle style

Beer Mugs
(~4 w x 5 h)

beer mug 16 ounces
16-oz Beer Mugs

Espresso Cups
(~2.5 w x 2.5 h)

espresso cup squiggle style
Squiggle style
espresso cup scored style
Scored style

These creamers match the squiggle-style mugs and come in two sizes.

8-oz: $16; 12-oz: $20

Each teapot has a handmade cane handle. Sizes vary.

teapot TP8
Black oil spot: $80
Inv. #: TP-8
teapot TPSC9
Scored green & brown: $80
Inv. #: TP-SC-9
teapot TPSC3
Scored lilac & brown: $80
Inv. #: TP-SC-3

Bottle Coasters
Use these to prevent wine or olive oil drips and stains. A great gift!
(~5 w x 1.5 h)

wine coasters
Bottle coasters
wine coaster detail
Coaster detail