These pottery accessories are designed to lend a handmade, informal, and yet elegant touch when decorating indoors or out. In addition to setting out flowers and candles, you might even consider hanging a beautiful handmade bird bath in your garden. My beaded silver bookmarks look lovely keeping your place in your current novel; they also make great gifts!

Votive Candle Holders
(~3 w x 3 h)

votive candle holder dragonfly
votive candle holder suns
votive candle holder triangles
votive candle holder triangles
Moon & Stars

Candle Plates
(~5 w x 1 h)

candle plates
Squiggle style

Bud, Wildflower, and Flower Vases
Various sizes; see below or contact me for additional sizes and costs
These photos show the exact pieces. Include inventory # when ordering.

Bud vase
3 w x 4.5 h: $35
Inv. #: BVS-3
Short wildflower vase
3.5 w x 3.5 h: $30
Inv. #: VWF3-10
Taller wildflower vase
4 w x 6 h: $45
Inv. #: VWF6-10
Slim scored vase
3.5 w x 7 h: $45
Inv. #: VMD-11
Vase, swirl pattern
5 w x 5 h: $55
Inv. #: VMD-SW-9
Vase, scored neck
5.5 w x 7 h: $55
Inv. #: VMD-SC-9
Vase with coils
6 w x 8 h: $85
Inv. #: VLG-CL-3

Vase, flared with leaf pattern
6 w (rim) x 8 h: $55
Inv. #: VMD-FL-10

Bird Bath/Bird Feeder
These pieces are ~9” w x 3” h and hang ~15” from a ring.  I apply clay vines and leaves to the decorated pieces to make each one unique.

bird bath
bird bath

Beaded Bookmarks
Each of these one-of-a-kind bookmarks is strung with 3-5 of my handmade beads in blue, brown, black, gold, or green hues and finishes with a pewter charm. The beads and charm hang from a 5 silverplated crook. Current charms include hearts, bees, dragonflies, feathers, and birds; Im always adding more. Let me choose one for you, or contact me if you have specific preferences. Im happy to create one especially for you! These make fabulous gifts. (Beads & charm extend ~3 from the curved end of crook)

A collection of bookmarks displaying the various bead and charm combinations.
This bookmark is shown tucked into a book; the beads hang outside along the spine.